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Located in The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, Al Sufouh Road, Jumeirah Beach · PO Box 213084 · Dubai  · 
United Arab Emirates · 
Phone: +971 (4) 511 7136 · 
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Main Courses

Westin Dubai is a participant of “Choose Wisely Campaign” launched by Emirates Wildlife Society in association with World Wildlife Fund to allow the environment’s ability to renew itself.  The fish selection available on the Menu are carefully selected to sustain the local wildlife. 

Main Courses

200gm Prawnsد.إ 200

Caponata, aubergine youghurt (S)

Sea bassد.إ 210

mango, cucumber, peanut, fish sauce (N)

14oz Lamb Rackد.إ 185

salsa verde

Lamb Rack & Shoulderد.إ 185

endive, sumac, orange

Oxtail & Bone Marrowد.إ 285

red wine, potato, truffle (A) (contains pork)

Beef Bourguignoneد.إ 180

mushroom, shallots, cabbage, bacon (A) (contains pork)

Pork Belly & Octopusد.إ 180

white bean, red pepper, tomato (A) (contains pork)

Jambalayaد.إ 180

chicken, prawn, sausage and rice

Pastaد.إ 145

Spinach, potato, truffle

Mains to Share

Wellingtonد.إ 400

beef, mushroom, spinach

Corn fed Chickenد.إ 280

roasted root vegetables, tarragon (A)

Bourbon Braised Beef Ribs 1000gms د.إ 325

mushroom, tomato (A)

T-Bone 1200gm د.إ 560

mushroom ,tomato

Chateaubriand 580gmد.إ 600

mushroom, tomato

From the grill

Hunters Signature Dish

Double bone Tomahawk (2600gm)د.إ 1,100

recommended for 4 people and 3 side dishes are complimentary

Rib Eye

Australian Rangers Valley (320gm)د.إ 290

Australian 6-7 stockyard Wagyu (280gm)د.إ 320

Irish Donald Russel (320gm)د.إ 300

Australian Blackmore 9+Wagyu (per kg)د.إ 3,000


Australian Rangers Valley (280gm)د.إ 260

USDA Black Angus Prime (280gm)د.إ 200

Australian 4-5 stockyard Wagyu (280gm)د.إ 280

Australian 6-7 stockyard Wagyu (280gm)د.إ 320


Australian Rangers Valley (280gm)د.إ 310

USDA pure land 

190gmد.إ 170

340gmد.إ 260

Irish dry aged Donald Russel (280gm)د.إ 300

Filet Mignon

Australian (280gm)د.إ 310

USDA Pure land (200gm)د.إ 210

On the bone

Bone in Rib USDA black angus (560gm)د.إ 240

Porterhouse USDA prime (560gm)د.إ 280